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Another day, another dig

Today was an important point in our construction as we had to get special equipment onto the laneway to look for the utilities servicing both the neighbours house and our’s. We are thrilled and everything went even better than expected. It would have been a costly fix if we found the pipes under the laneway weren’t sufficient enough to service two homes, so the long drawn out summer with the Region of Peel was well worth it! So now we have water and sewer services where the house will be and hydro, cable and telephone service pipes have been installed. Tomorrow is more excavating (shoutout to Lopies Excavating – the best – experienced, professional, tidy) and on Friday the forming will begin. It’s been amazing weather so I hope it continues into next week. Since pictures of utility digging is pretty boring (well, there’s one), we have posted some images from our ideabook on that have helped when designing the house. We are going for a country/contemporary look, if that makes sense. We’ll see how close we actually come to this!

Difficult to see but this is the vacumn truck digging for the utilites on the laneway

Difficult to see but this is the vacumn truck digging for the utilites on the laneway

Image 3ColoursClassic Cottage

Week 2

I have to say that last week was one of the most exhilarating weeks of our lives! Every day the property looked different and without a house there the property looked pretty big. The surveyor came last Thursday and staked out where the house will be…we will still have about 60 feet of backyard so perhaps my dream pool can go in one day….sigh….

As you can see from the pictures, we are beginning to excavate and have another few feet to go. The dirt is really sandy and it’s hard to believe that Indian Rd used to be Lake Ontario thousands of years ago. We hear from our neighbour that there are underground streams running underneath all of the homes in this area so we are concerned with the water levels and drainage. So far, so good but that can quickly change after another few feet of digging. (Update: No water – fantastic!)

This build has definitely piqued the interest of many neighbours and we have people coming by daily to ask questions about what is going on, what the house will look like, giving us tips and yes, telling us what the design should look like! Also, don’t think the first week has been without DRAMA because it has! We will save those stories for a rainy day (with a stiff drink in our hands).

This week there will be more excavating and we will hook up the utilities. As most of you know, since the laneway is private property, the sewer system is also private property (hence the battle with Region of Peel this summer) so we are not certain how large the pipe is going down the laneway to the city sewers on Indian Road. The old house used to be on septic so this is all new for this property. After that is completed, we have forming and concrete pouring and then the framing should begin in a week or two. Then it should get really exciting since we will finally see what the house will look like versus seeing it on blueprints. Tonight we are meeting with our designer to start choosing siding colours, trim and stonework for the outside. Busy, busy, busy!

Found the septic tank

Found the septic tank.

erik in hole

This is about 7 ft.

View from front to back.

Demolition Day!

Today is the day! Lots of pics below:

Since the laneway is so small the trailers had to park across the street

Since the laneway is so small the trailers had to park across the street!

The boys rolling in!

Here we go....

Here we go…

So many emotions – excited, anxious, scared, and just a general feeling of Holy ****!!

View from the backyard.

View from the backyard.

Now the cleanup begins.

Now the cleanup begins.

Countdown is on!

September 17th is demolition day! After months of delays and dealing with lawyers and the city, we are 5 days away from tearing down the house. Although we are excited, this is also becoming more and more real. We decided to go the contractor/project manager route rather than hiring a builder to build the home, so although it doesn’t appear to most, we have been busy this summer collecting quotes (which is a TON of work), shopping for windows and doors, appliance shopping and overall getting a feeling for just how much things are going to cost. We are realizing that there are great swings in some of the quotes we are receiving so we really have to do our homework!

Since we have only been in the old house once, we have plans this weekend to see what we can salvage from the place (apparently there are some old Lorne Park maps). We also want to take some cool black & white pictures of the old cottage to pay tribute to the property and the history of Burns Lane in the new house. Updated pics coming next week!

1466 Burns LaneAs most of you know, we are about to break ground on our new home on Burns Lane (finally!) and with the weekly and sometimes daily inquiries, we decided to start a blog to document the progress to keep all of you up-to-date on our new project. So for those of you in Orangeville, Vancouver, Zurich (not Switzerland!), Detroit, Tiny Beaches, Mississauga, and Toronto – I hope that you stop by every once and awhile to check out what’s new (including lots of George pics!). So to start, here is the very first picture that was taken by us on the day the property closed…pretty overgrown and run-down!