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Kitchens, Appliances, Siding and Basement Bombs

It’s been a few weeks since our last post and the house progress is going well. The drywall will be finished on Tuesday and priming will begin later this week. We went appliance shopping this weekend and landed on Kitchen Aid throughout the kitchen and LG for the washer and dryer. Everyone we spoke with recommended Appliance Canada and they were great. The pricing was fair and better than what I found elsewhere, but in terms of getting a killer deal, I don’t think we did. I have to work the sales guy a little more on the dishwasher though…when I got home yesterday to research each of the appliances, the dishwasher reviews were only 1-star. I see a lot of hand washing in our future! (Update: We went with a Bosch dishwasher.)

This morning I spent a half hour calling referrals for the kitchen manufacturer – Oakville Kitchen Designers.  Each of the referrals had great things to say – high quality workmanship, on schedule, within budget – so I think we can cross the kitchen and master vanity off the list. I will post the conceptual images once I receive them, but the kitchen will look something like this:

Kitchen Inspiration

Kitchen Inspiration

The exterior siding is coming along but with a few cold days last week, the installers didn’t work. We also went with the same people who did our framing (call me crazy) so we suspect this job will take longer than we thought. But the price is right and we were very impressed with the framing work and their professionalism.

As most of you know, the one drawback of purchasing a narrow property is the one car garage. Our architect did design a concept with a 2 car garage, but it just didn’t look right in our eyes. The house was all garage! So, we have been seriously researching & considering a lift (NYC styles baby!) in which my car would sit overtop of Erik’s car in the garage. The ceilings are high enough (14 ft, I think!) but there’s a bulkhead that we will have to think about. It’s a pretty good solution to the one car garage…we were already beginning to argue, ahem, I mean ‘loudly discuss’ who would get the garage space on a nightly basis! I won;)

car lift

That’s all I have for this weeks’ blog post, but we do have one last story to share. We were at the house on Saturday; the tapers were there, George was playing in the snow, the Rolling Stones were playing in the background….all was great! I usually get there once a week and I walked downstairs to check out the drywall in the basement when I smell the most putrid smell ever! Like major flatulence. MAJOR! So I figured one of the tapers went downstairs to let it riiiippppp or someone for sure had a sh** in our new walls. It was THAT BAD and lingering. So, we quickly make our exit, I covered my mouth with my scarf, ‘Ok, Erik. Yup. Yup. Drywall looks good. I gotta get outta here.’ We talk about it later in the car, laugh, make jokes behind the tapers back, say that guy must have been crazy sick, with that smell coming out of him he should go to see a Doctor, laugh some more. We go out to watch the hockey game at a friend’s house, tell them the story, cry with laughter, so mature. We forget about it until Sunday when we go back to the house after church (Church of Hangovers) and the SMELL IS STILL THERE!! Lesson Learned – Bring a scarf with you when you enter into our basement. Seriously. (Update: We believe the smell was caused from the sewer pipes in the basement. They weren’t capped.)

Have a good week!

Erik sniffing out the basement. Look at that face! HAHAHAHA

backyard siding window sidingfirdgewasher dryeroven

Before and After

I thought I would dig out some old before and after shots to show the progression over the last several months. Here’s one of the master bedroom:before master After master

Shot of the main floor looking back to front:

before main drywall main

And lastly, the great room window. We never did have a great shot of the room once framed. Framed, they were 17 foot ceilings, we brought them down to 14 feet to reduce echo and make it feel more like home.

Big Windowdrywall big room

12 Week Countdown

Insulation is complete, drywall has been delivered, and installation begins next week. The outdoor siding will also begin next week. We have made our decision on flooring and we have another appointment tomorrow with a kitchen cabinets manufacturer so we hope to have the kitchen decided by next week as well. We are also prepping the townhouse for sale which we hope to list at the end of January. Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. We are really happy with the stonework!

drywall 1

Dining area


Spare bedroom #1


Spare bedroom #2

stonework back stonework george stonework1

Best Gift!

For my 25th birthday (pfffft), Jess had this canvas picture produced for me. Isn’t it awesome?? This picture was taken a week before the demolition and was posted earlier in this blog. I can’t wait to find a home for it in the new house but for now it lives on the wall of our townhouse. Love it! Thanks Sista!gift from jess