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Shout Out to Dermot

I promised him I would, so here’s a ‘Shout Out’ to Dermot from Tigerstripe Painting…my favourite trade of all time!  Not only is he a helluva good painter but quite the joke-teller as well. At work, we recently started to kick-off our team meetings with someone telling a joke – puns, riddles, taboo, everything goes – Here’s mine – as told originally by Dermot. This is NSFW (I’ve always wanted to write that).

There were these two guys having lunch one day when the first guy says to the second one, “You ever say one thing to someone when you meant to say something else?” 
“How do you mean?” says the second one.
“Well last week I was at the airport in  Philly and I wanted to come back here to Pittsburgh and the women at the counter had these enormous breasts so instead of  asking for two tickets to Pittsburgh, I asked for two pickets to Tittsburgh.”
“I know what you mean.”, says the second guy. “Why just this morning I was having breakfast with my wife and I meant to ask her to pass the  jelly but instead I said ‘You’re ruining my life you stupid bitch!'”

Shout out to Dermot!! And for the best painter ever, look him up!

Shades of Grey

We’ve had SO MANY PEOPLE come through the house recently who have asked about our imaginative and forward-thinking use of paint colour, and so, a blog post on this topic was obviously required. Grab a pen and paper (and a glass of chard) and take note! (This entire sentence was BS…no one has asked about our paint selections, but I have quickly exhausted my list of blog topics so I thought this would be a thrilling one…(sarcasm).

I would like to think I have pretty decent taste…great taste in music and movies, yes…in friends, of course…in fashion, just so-so…taste in wine, absolutely…paint colours, MAJOR FAIL. Think: neutrals that turn out to be rust-coloured, shades of grey (Christian Grey?) that are inquestionably amethyst, and whites that when painted on the walls look ‘baby blue’ (I WROTE baby, not HAVING a baby – relax friends:). Enter Sarah. Title: Colour Consultant from the ultra posh, Oakville-based Lionsgate Design. Best $150 spent. Here’s what we came up with:

Throughout Main Floor and Upper Hallway – Balboa Mist, part of the off white colour selection. Collingwood was a close 2nd but a bit too dark for this space.

Balboa Mist – Looks great in a bedroom too!

Powder Room – Caribbean Teal, because most of the space is painted in neutral colours, I wanted a bit more pizazz in the powder room which makes the pedestal sink really ‘pop’.



Master bedroom & Laundry Room – Stonington Gray, part of the historic collection. Timeless colour which is great for both traditional and contemporary settings.

Master bathroom & Closet, two spare bedrooms – Gray Owl, This colour actually has a lot of green in it which is my least favourite hue – Sigh. I will have to get used to it.

Main bathroom – Classic Gray. My vision for the main bathroom was white, white, white with gray accents (cabinetry and wall colour). It’s shaping up quite nicely.

Fireplaces – Escartment on the main floor fireplace & Deep Silver on the master bedroom fireplace fireplace main 2fireplace master 2

All trimwork including crowns & interior doors are painted Decorator White.

Now I know why no one has asked about the paint…the ENTIRE HOUSE IS PAINTED IN SHADES OF GREY…….Laters, baby.

Easter Weekend Update

flooring dining

Dining Room to front. Powder room and garage to the right.

flooring throughout

Kitchen to right. Looking back to front.

flooring main fp

Main Floor fireplace

flooring main floor fp2

And again.

flooring front

Front ‘living room’. Not exactly sure how we will utilize this space!

flooring big window

My favourite part of the house. 16 foot family room, gas fireplace, tongue&groove ceiling.

floorin kitchen

Kitchen with pantry on the left.


Powder Room

flooring upstairs hallway 2

2nd floor hallway

flooring master fp2

Master Bathroom

flooring master fp

Erik’s fireplace.

flooring master bed

Upstairs hallway into master bedroom.

floor upstairs hallway

Master bedroom to upstairs hallway


Cedars!! BEST DEAL EVER. Hurry to Home Depot.


Backyard porch to shed and cedars.


There’s a phallic joke here somewere….


14 done! 42 more to go!


Where’s Waldo?

flooring selfie

Eye surgery selfie!