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We are two weeks away from Christmas and drywall installation is right around the corner. The roof is completed (Shoutout to Synergy Roofing – love our roof!), electricians & HVAC are in-house, and Jadek and Erik are busy installing central vac/phone/TV/security systems. As you can imagine, we will have every service imaginable under the Rogers Cable portfolio (Thank God for E’s employee discount!).

The French doors arrived and were installed over the weekend and so, the house is just about closed up for the winter. The windows and doors were all of Erik’s choosing and they look awesome! The doors are huge – 9ft or so – so they look really grand and impressive while in the house. Love them!

As noted in a previous blog post, we have been shopping for faucets/tubs/showers and decided to purchase from Yorkwest Plumbing in Woodbridge. We went with Riobel in the master bath, Delta in the main bath, and Grohe in the powder room. I also LOVE the bathtub that we purchased, manufactured by Azzura. Come by anytime for a soak! Jokes…

Next up is the stone installation. (Update:  We are waiting on our gas line install on Monday so that we can cover with a tarp and heat instead of using propane heaters which is pricey – Fingers crossed for warmer weather next week.) The front and back of the house will have about 4 ft of stone at the bottom before the siding begins. We opted out of installing stone down the sides of the house to save some money, plus, in time this will be covered with landscaping and shrubbery. We purchased the stone from Betz Cut Stone in Mississauga and this particular blend is called the Cascade Coursing Blend. We literally chose our stone by doing Drive-By’s and sent pics to our sales rep so that he could determine what type of stone it was. This particular one was found on a house off of Mississauga Road. Yup – people thought we were crazy – one guy walking his dog off of Tecumseh Drive thought we were stalking him for sure!

Cascade Coursing Blend

Cascade Coursing Blend

Many have been asking how far along we are now which we believe to be about 40-50% completed. With the siding, stone, drywall installed we will be about 60-65% completed. Then the interior finishes begin. I am somewhat sad that it’s going by so quick, but super uncomfortable with spending so much cash (somehow though, I became distracted from toilet shopping today and ended up on the Macy’s website…a little retail therapy never hurt anyone AND I couldn’t resist a good bargain on this sweater!). Target move-in date is still March or April. Erik says he’s ready to move in now and leave me in Toronto, if you catch my drift. HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL!Back View w Windows French Doors Kitchen DogAzzura

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