EandLee’s Favourite Things

I am not confident that I will be able to write a Pulitzer winning piece today, so instead I have compiled a list of our favourite features in the house. Starting with #10…

#10 – The NYC Styled car lift

car lift

#9 – Surveillance Cameras

Don’t steal the toilet paper roll…We’re watching you!

#8 – This fireplace

For those nights when a glass of wine is needed and a friend who never gets tired listening to my dramas over and over again

#7  – George’s shower

#6 – Master Bedroom Balcony – Cool, right? My idea!

wheres waldo

#5 – The powder room inspired by below

#4 – Gas line to the backyard for this!

#3 – Our kitchen – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

kitchen concept 2

#2 – The Tree! –  the tree that has caused many sleepless nights, calls with lawyers, and captured the attention of every trade coming through the house. It’s become my 2nd favourite thing about the house. Go figure!

framing fave

#1 – The freestanding bathtub – Can’t wait!


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