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We have grass!

It’s been a busy few weeks on Burns Lane! We have interior and exterior lighting, we have grass & gardens, front/back flagstone and side walkways are completed, glass showers are installed, and the driveway is ready to be paved. This week the quartz countertops will be installed, and kitchen/laundry/washroom sinks will be next, carpets in the two bedrooms, and staining of the staircase will be underway. We also conditionally sold the townhouse this week, so it looks like a move to the ‘burbs will be imminent (yikes!)

grass 1G on machinedriveway1quad pic

Before and After

I thought I would dig out some old before and after shots to show the progression over the last several months. Here’s one of the master bedroom:before master After master

Shot of the main floor looking back to front:

before main drywall main

And lastly, the great room window. We never did have a great shot of the room once framed. Framed, they were 17 foot ceilings, we brought them down to 14 feet to reduce echo and make it feel more like home.

Big Windowdrywall big room

Get Your Twerk On

Since E& is now a mature blog with hundreds of page clicks (see bottom left for the counter) and probably 3 followers (ourselves, my mom, Elliot), we have added a video compilation of the build to-date to keep you coming back! As you can tell, the blogger (me) is still inexperienced at this whole blog thing and have yet to determine how to post one video vs. three. Nevertheless, turn up those speakers and start practicing your twerk (or your Blurred Lines backwards bicycle moves – you know who you are!)

Flipagram Post 1

Flipagram Post 2

Flipagram Post 3

‘Before’ Pics

October 2013 049

‘Before’ family pic.

October 2013 041

Overgrown weeds in the backyard….none of the good stuff though!

October 2013 044

Southeast view from the backyard.

October 2013 040

Southwest view.

October 2013 042

Backyard Oasis. Hard to imagine!

October 2013 098

Beautiful Whiteoak covering the entire backyard 😉

October 2013 088

Diamond in the rough. We shall see.

October 2013 083

Just Imagine….Friday night after a long work week…wineglass in hand (a big one)…Erik BBQ-ing on our new patio (nude), as we watch the sun set in our backyard…Hard to imagine this could be next summer except for the Erik nude part (got your attention though, didn’t I?)