Countdown is on!

September 17th is demolition day! After months of delays and dealing with lawyers and the city, we are 5 days away from tearing down the house. Although we are excited, this is also becoming more and more real. We decided to go the contractor/project manager route rather than hiring a builder to build the home, so although it doesn’t appear to most, we have been busy this summer collecting quotes (which is a TON of work), shopping for windows and doors, appliance shopping and overall getting a feeling for just how much things are going to cost. We are realizing that there are great swings in some of the quotes we are receiving so we really have to do our homework!

Since we have only been in the old house once, we have plans this weekend to see what we can salvage from the place (apparently there are some old Lorne Park maps). We also want to take some cool black & white pictures of the old cottage to pay tribute to the property and the history of Burns Lane in the new house. Updated pics coming next week!

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