Framing and Waterproofing

It appeared like it was going to be a slow week in terms of progress, but today was a good one.  A special system using liquid rubber (as seen on Holmes on Homes) was applied to the foundation to ensure the home is as waterproof as possible to decrease chances of basement flooding. As mentioned in an earlier post, although it was remarkable that we didn’t run into any water while excavating, we want the home to be as protected as possible. And for the minimal price tag, it’s worth the peace of mind.

Framing also started which is the most exciting part of a new home build, so I hear. The guys are working thoughout the weekend and we should have two floors built by next week! Very exciting!

Many people have been asking about our stress levels at this point. Erik seems to be a sound sleeper (snoring, mouth gaping open, all 4 paws straight up in the air – oh wait, that would be George), but I am certainly awake at night stirring about everything. That being said, we are so pleased with how everything has been progressing and anxious to see the framing! Waterproofingx2 Waterproffing framing framing2 framing3

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