Framing Week 2

We have walls people! The framing of the first floor is just about finished and the second floor should start next week. So far, we are happy with how the house is shaping up and the framing job should be finished in about 3 weeks. We thought it would be going a little quicker than it is, so we might have to call in the big guns – my mom – to whip those workers into shape. Have you heard about the worker my parents found sleeping on their front porch last week? (Another story, with another wine in hand. Hilarious though.) Back to the framing…

When the forms were up, I was concerned that the house was going to be too small but with the floors now in place and the walls framed, it’s a decent sized space. The garage though – too small. It’s big enough to fit a small car but that’s about it! (Side note: Our initial drawings submitted to the city had to be adjusted as the zoning department said that the garage was not permitted to project beyond the entrance line on the ground floor. We could have went to Committee of Adjustment but we opted to decrease the garage space instead.)

Last week, the backfill was also completed. They still have more grading to do in the backyard but we are waiting for dirt that is similar to what was removed from the site (sand) and so that should be finished 100% by next week. There is a lot of space in both the front and back yard and the sides are still wide enough to get a machine to the back to dig out my pool one day;)

Other than framing, we are gathering quotes to pour the concrete for the basement and the front/back porches. (Concrete guys must be rolling in the dough because this sh** is EXPENSIVE!) The plumber was also over yesterday roughing in the washroom for the basement. We won’t be finishing the basement during the construction but hope to in a few years’ time once the inspectors have come and gone (Note to self: Delete this sentence upon conclusion of blog). This weekend we will be busy going to a few parties, drinking beer, and shopping for a new car – oh wait, that was a few years ago when we had time and some extra cash. This weekend we will actually be busy pricing out kitchen cabinets, hunting for dog friendly flooring (doesn’t exist) and overall not spending money. Beer though, there will be beer. And wine. And Vodka…framing fave framing front side side going up basement

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  1. Karen

    wow…it’s really coming along…I have names of some of the trades I’ve used in my house if you’re interested; i.e. plumber, electrician and now soon to be wrought iron railing guys…

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