Lisa’s favourite websites

I’ve already promoted which I visit daily, but here’s a list of some other websites that make building/decorating a home a little easier:

  1. Homestars – Are you not 100% certain about the trade that you are hoping to hire? Visit, search the company name or type of trade that you are looking for, and voila!, you will find the best-rated contractors in your area. I was very unsure about my tile installers…they weren’t cheap, the guy talked too much, he was just annoying actually….until I searched him on Homestars. He was rated a perfect 10 and had about 100 reviews. Customers found his work to be of high quality and they were fast. He was hired (but still very annoying).
  2. Lowe’s – Rona, Home Depot, Lowe’s = What’s the difference, right? Quite a bit. In my opinion, Lowe’s has both the best selection of product and the best prices. The shopping experience is far superior both in-store and online and shipping is free. Bonus! Home Depot comes in at #2, I find it chaotic, personally. They charge for shipping, and their loyalty program could be better. Rona is #3. Since Rona is franchised, the smaller stores don’t carry a ton of product, but their customer service is great since you’re dealing with the owners direct. The Airmiles program is pretty good though. I’ll be able to fly around the world twice with the amount of miles we have accrued.
  3. The Dollar Store – The best! Windex, mops, cleaning cloths, brooms, garbage bags. They have it all and only for a buck or two.
  4. – I find amazon is great for those hard to find products. Our kitchen faucet was purchased through Amazon, shipped to Naples, Florida and was nicely wrapped under the Christmas tree for Erik. Savings: $250. And I have my eye on a firepit that I can’t seem to find at a decent price anywhere else. Amazon is Amazing. And I am excited for the drones!
  5. Elte & Restoration Hardware – Look but don’t touch is my motto at these retailers. I love this, and this, but with a little bit of hunting I know I can find something just as nice for way less money!

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