Week 2

I have to say that last week was one of the most exhilarating weeks of our lives! Every day the property looked different and without a house there the property looked pretty big. The surveyor came last Thursday and staked out where the house will be…we will still have about 60 feet of backyard so perhaps my dream pool can go in one day….sigh….

As you can see from the pictures, we are beginning to excavate and have another few feet to go. The dirt is really sandy and it’s hard to believe that Indian Rd used to be Lake Ontario thousands of years ago. We hear from our neighbour that there are underground streams running underneath all of the homes in this area so we are concerned with the water levels and drainage. So far, so good but that can quickly change after another few feet of digging. (Update: No water – fantastic!)

This build has definitely piqued the interest of many neighbours and we have people coming by daily to ask questions about what is going on, what the house will look like, giving us tips and yes, telling us what the design should look like! Also, don’t think the first week has been without DRAMA because it has! We will save those stories for a rainy day (with a stiff drink in our hands).

This week there will be more excavating and we will hook up the utilities. As most of you know, since the laneway is private property, the sewer system is also private property (hence the battle with Region of Peel this summer) so we are not certain how large the pipe is going down the laneway to the city sewers on Indian Road. The old house used to be on septic so this is all new for this property. After that is completed, we have forming and concrete pouring and then the framing should begin in a week or two. Then it should get really exciting since we will finally see what the house will look like versus seeing it on blueprints. Tonight we are meeting with our designer to start choosing siding colours, trim and stonework for the outside. Busy, busy, busy!

Found the septic tank

Found the septic tank.

erik in hole

This is about 7 ft.

View from front to back.

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